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About Arctos Organic Food Brokers

Arctos Organic Food Brokers is a small food brokerage with a large and diverse network of producers, distributors, and retailers. Our small size allows us to provide exceptional, personalized service and fast turnaround times.

We act as an extension of your salesforce and aggressively market your products and services. Our permaculture certification and extensive knowledge of the organic food industry gives us a competitive edge in the marketplace. We can help educate your organization with regard to the benefits of permaculture, and educate your vendors with regard to how best to sell your products.

Your success is our success and we only get paid when you do. We work with high ethical standards and always work to exceed customer expectations.

Arctos Food Brokers Strongly Supports ...

The Permaculture Philosophy

We are committed to the permaculture ethics of care for the environment, people care, and return of surplus; thus a portion of our profits are donated to worthwhile charities.

Organic Produce
The Local Farmer

Sourcing produce from local farmers reduces our carbon footprint, enhances local food systems, and grows your local economy. Arctos supports local farmers everywhere.

Organic Grocers Port Charlotte
The Small Business

Small business is the backbone of the economy. From grocers and restaurants to food carts and fruit stands, Arctos works to support small and local businesses everywhere.