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Why Use An Organic Food Broker?

Organic food brokers are independent agents that specialize in the sales and marketing of healthy and organic foods. We differ from generic food brokers in that we have specialty knowledge and expertise with regard to organic foods. Our large network of wholesale and retail partners, coupled with years of industry experience allows us to quickly bring your products to market.

If You Are A ...

Organic Food GrowersFarmer or Producer
Do you have a family farm and need to get your products to market? Do you want to expand your client base? Let Arctos Food Brokers sell your fresh, organic produce for you.

Organic Food Importer/ExporterImporter or Exporter
Do you have an overseas client who wants a specific item? Or, do you have an international partner who wants to sell in the USA? Allow Arctos Food Brokers to help facilitate the transaction.

Arctos Food Brokers Can Help You ...

Organic Food SalesGrow Your Sales
We have an established network of retailers, distributors, and import/export companies to which we can market your products, helping to insure that your produce does not go unsold.

ClockSave Time
Marketing your organic produce independently can be a time-consuming endeavor. Leaving the sales calls and distribution to a qualified food broker allows you to spend more time doing what you do best ... growing fine produce.

Organic Food BrandsGrow Your Brand
By providing greater distribution of your products, your brand gets seen in more restaurants, grocers, and specialty retailers - this helps build brand recognition.

Dollar SignSave Money
Arctos can manage your sales and marketing for a fraction of the selling price. This represents a significant savings when compared to the cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house sales force to market your fresh produce.

Organic Food MarketExpand Your Market
Whether you are currently selling to a local, regional, or international market, Arctos can help you find and establish new markets for your fresh and organic products.

End To End Brokering Of Organic Foods

Whether you are a family farm or mass producer, Arctos can help bring your fresh produce to market. We offer end to end brokering of fresh and organic foods at highly competitive rates. And with a vast network of distributors, we can manage your distribution as well!

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Organic Food Producers
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Organic Food Distributors
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Organic Food Retailers
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We Support PermacultureWe Support Permaculture ... You Should Too!

Permaculture is a philosophy and approach to land use which provides a way to conserve our diminishing natural resources. A permaculture design weaves together plants, animals , soils, water management & human needs into sustainable life systems. Arctos Food Brokers supports and promotes permaculture projects everywhere.