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Arctos Is Your Source For Fresh Organic Foods

From restaurants and bakeries to grocers and cottage industries, Arctos is your source for fresh and organic foods. We work with multiple local, regional, and international producers of quality foods to fill orders quickly and efficiently.

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Organic Foods For Restaurants
Restaurant or Food Service

We provide fresh produce to restaurants and food service companies of all shapes and sizes. From large restaurants to food carts, bakeries to coffee shops, we are an equal opportunity brokerage.

Organic Foods For Grocers
Grocer or Cottage Industry

From home-based bakeries and catering services to specialty retailers and grocery stores, Arctos helps businesses of all types find fresh organic produce.

Organic Foods For Importers/Exporters

Do you have an overseas client who wants a specific item? Or, do you have an international partner who wants to sell in the USA? Allow Arctos Food Brokers to help facilitate the transaction.

Arctos Food Brokers Can Help You ...

Organic Food SalesGrow Your Sales
You can't sell what you don't stock. Arctos' established network of producers and distributors helps ensure that your shelves are always well-stocked, building consumer confidence and eliminating missed sales.

ClockSave Time
Sourcing your own fresh and organic produce can consume a lot of precious time, and time is money. Taking advantage of Arctos' food brokering services frees you of this time consumming task, allowing you to better manage day to day operations.

Organic Food BrandingGrow Your Brand
Your customers expect the highest quality fresh and organic foods. Where produce is concerned 'fresh' is essential! We can help ensure that your shelves are always stocked with the freshest organics available.

Dollar SignSave Money
Paying a full-time staff of buyers can be costly and the time they spend finding product is even more expensive. Our established network of cerified producers allows us to quickly put product options on the table; this saves your staff time, and saves you money.

Local Organic ProduceBuy Local
We may have covered this earlier, but 'fresh' is key and sourcing products locally means quick turn-around times, stronger relationships, and stronger local econmonies. Another Permaculture philosophy that we firmly support!

End To End Brokering Of Organic Foods

Whether you are a family farm or mass producer, Arctos can help bring your fresh produce to market. We offer end to end brokering of fresh and organic foods at highly competitive rates. And with a vast network of distributors, we can manage your distribution as well!

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Organic Food Producers
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Organic Food Retailers
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Local Organic ProduceLinking Local Food And Community

Not only do local farms provide a ready source of fresh and organic produce, sourcing your produce from local farmers reduces your carbon footprint, enhances local food systems, and grows your local economy. Arctos Food Brokers works to established relationships with local farmers everywhere in an effort to bring fresh local produce to end consumers.