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Wholesale Organic Foods

Below are products we presently have available, in pallet quantities, LTL, and full load quantities. Volume and availability changes often so please email us for the most up-to-date information, and to place an order. PayPal is accepted for small orders but a bank wire transfer is necessary for large orders.

Organic Food GrowersWholesale To The Public
Do you want food security for your family? Do you not want to pay the high prices associated with traditional food prep packages? Call Arctos Food Brokers and let us supply your family with healthful, organic, food.

Organic Food GrowersWholesale To The Reseller
Are you a wholesaler, retailer, or distributor? Arctos Food Brokers provides high-quality organic foods in bulk at prices that allow for healthy margins. Contact us tooday for current offerings!

Chaga Mushrooms

Wholsale Organic Chaga Mushrooms
Our chaga musbroom is ethically wild harvested. A multi-step production process utilizing mechanical, not chemical, methods separates the chaga from foreign particulate matter, and sterilizes it; low temperature spray drying keeps nutrients in the chaga, and prepares it for the market. The chaga tea can now be packaged to meet your needs. Use our label and brand name, or your own private label. Minimum order size is one case, and we can supply pallet quantities too.

Medicinal Chaga

Wholesale Organic Avocado Oil
Available now, high-quality North American 100% Hass avocado oil, available in half liter, and one liter bottles. Delicate flavor. High smoke point at 520° (170° higher than olive oil). Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, Gluten Free, and Vegan. The glass bottle is made from all natural sustainable raw materials, is non porous, and impermeable, and 100% recyclable. Currently only available only in full containers loads.

Medicinal Chaga

Wholesale Organic Prunes
Quality California prunes, organic and conventional, natural condition or pitted. Prunes are a rich source of fiber and contain important nutrients like potassium, vitamin C and K, and are rich in minerals including iron. Currently available in LTL and full containers. Packaging is 30kg bags for the natural condition prunes, and 22lb., boxes with a line for the pitted prunes.

Medicinal Chaga

Wholesale Organic Walnuts
Chandler walnuts are known around the world and are highly prized by buyers for their extra light and high quality kernels. Harvested mid to late season, Chandler walnuts provide one of the highest kernel yields of any of the varieties.Chandler Walnuts are now available in light-halves-and-pieces.

We Support PermacultureWe Support Permaculture ... You Should Too!

Permaculture is a philosophy and approach to land use which provides a way to conserve our diminishing natural resources. A permaculture design weaves together plants, animals , soils, water management & human needs into sustainable life systems. Arctos Food Brokers supports and promotes permaculture projects everywhere.